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Merge Blend Tree

Merge Blend Tree

The merge blend tree component allows you to merge multiple blend trees into a single FX layer. This is an advanced component that allows for building lower-overhead animators by merging multiple gimmicks into a single layer.

When should I use it?

You should use Merge Blend Tree when you have a blend tree that you want to be always active on the avatar.

When shouldn't I use it?

You should not use Merge Blend Tree if you need to disable/enable the blend tree, or have control over motion time.

Setting up Merge Blend Tree

First, create a Blend Tree asset. You can do this by right clicking on the project window and selecting Create -> BlendTree.

Configure your blend tree as desired, then add a Merge Blend Tree component and specify the Blend Tree in the Blend Tree field.

You can configure Path Mode and Relative Path Root similarly to Merge Animator; for more details, see the Merge Animator documentation.

How blend trees are merged

Modular Avatar will create a new layer at the top of the FX controller. This layer will contain a single state, with Write Defaults on, and containing a Direct Blend Tree. Each merged blend tree will be attached to this Direct Blend Tree, with its parameter always set to one.