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Menu Item

The Menu Item component allows you to define an expressions menu item from within the Unity hierarchy.

Menu Item

When should I use it?

This component can provide a more convenient way to edit and define menu items than defining VRC Expressions Menu assets. You can move menu items around by dragging and dropping them through the hierarchy, and it provides an editor interface that is aware of parameter names defined on MA Parameters components.

How do I use it?

A full tutorial on using the menu editor system is available here.

The menu item component defines a single menu item in a larger menu. You can configure the icon, menu type, and parameter for the menu item. The name of the menu item will be taken from the name of the containing game object. This lets you see the name of, and rename menu items directly from the hierarchy.

When menu items are set as a submenu, you can configure where the submenu is sourced from. You can either set submenu source to "Expressions Menu Asset" and configure a traditional VRC Expressions Menu asset to reference, or you can set the 'submenu source' to Children, in which case Menu Items attached to direct children of this menu item are used to populate the submenu.

If the number of items in the submenu exceeds the maximum number of items on a VRC menu, a "next" item will automatically be created to split up the menu.

When submenu source is children, you can also specify a "source object override". If set, the children of that object will be used, instead of the direct children of the menu item.

Binding submenus

In order to define where a menu item will go in the menu, another component will be needed to bind it to a menu. There are three ways of doing this:

  • The menu item can be set as the child of another menu item set in submenu / children mode.
  • The menu item can be on the same game object as a Menu Installer component.
  • The menu item can be the child of a Menu Group object (which would typically be on a game object with a Menu Installer component)

Unbound menu items have no effect.